Trip Subscriptions

Boost revenue, demand and market share with Trip Subscriptions

What is a Trip Subscription?

Trip Subscriptions are the truest form of travel subscriptions, where users pay a recurring fee and get access to a set number of trips. With each payment cycle, the number of available trips is reset, and unused trips are lost.

Trip Subscriptions are ideal to increase demand even in users who are not planning to travel, and can be a great tool to increase market share, boost profits and create a stable, recurring revenue stream.

Here’s why they work

Demand & Revenue

Increase customer lifetime value with recurrence

Subscriptions increase revenue by ensuring users travel regularly, and remain committed to a single provider.

This is made possible by the recurring nature of subscriptions, that creates a permanent financial relationship, increasing customer lifetime value.

Market Share & Vulnerability

Lock out competitors with passive purchases

Subscription fees are charged automatically, creating the equivalent of a passive, and recurring, travel purchase.

This means subscribers never reach the search stage, creating exclusivity and preventing competitors and intermediaries from reaching the user.

Stability & Resilience

Secure revenue with a default-retain setup

Default-retain systems, like subscriptions, ensure that if no action is taken, purchases continue indefinitely and the customer is retained.

This yields better quality revenue streams that are not affected by seasonality and are more predictable compared to transactional revenue.

add-on revenue

Why Caravelo

Succeed with experience & market-proven solutions

Our future competitors may copy what we say, but they won’t be able to copy our experience in marrying the complex world of airlines (and their IT) with subscriptions.

Choosing Caravelo means making a safe bet, and trusting a market-proven solution over home-made or untested copies.

First-mover advantage

With locked-out competitors and a default-retain setup, first-movers have a strong advantage.

Reach out to us now and secure your place in the market.

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