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Caravelo is a travel-tech company that provides subscription solutions to the travel industry. We help our clients increase revenue & market share, improve crisis resilience, and create a better customer experience.

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Flight Subscriptions

Boost revenue, demand, and market share

Flight subscriptions allow airlines to move from a default-churn to a default-retain sales model, creating new demand, increasing market share and improving crisis resilience.


Increase market share and direct sales

Clubs bring customers directly to your site, increasing market share and bypassing intermediaries in both B2B and B2C markets. They are also a great way to boost ancillary revenue and cashflow.

The Caravelo Platform

Overcome technical and retailing complexity to serve modern travelers.

Simple integration to your tech stack

Our modular platform seamlessly connects to your existing tech stack, making the most of your current systems with our effortless integration.

Seamless branded experience

We enable white-label solutions so your customers feel at home. Our multi-channel delivery allows you to embed our solution in any digital touchpoint.


Customize and control your set-up

Our platform follows a granular approach, allowing you to set business rules and parameters according to your specific market and customer needs.

Actionable insights

We provide analytical tools and dashboards to actively monitor and oversee your growth, making it simple to adjust and react to evolving market conditions.

Enterprise-grade platform

We ensure lightning fast, scalable infrastructure and secure technology.


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