Bringing the subscription economy to the travel world

Caravelo works to create a well-traveled world, where subscriptions break down barriers by encouraging people to travel more often.

At Caravelo we believe that travel is a force for good, that breaks down barriers, spreads wealth, and lead to a more peaceful and prosperous society. That’s why we made it our goal to create a well-travelled world, and partner with travel providers from all over the world to use subscriptions as a tool to encourage more frequent travel.

The subscription programs we enable create win-win situations where travelers get more value and travel companies increase direct sales, create better relationships with customers, and improve crisis resilience.

We are proudly based in Barcelona, with a diverse, global, team and the backing & advice of some of the biggest names in travel. In our +10 years history, and across our product lines, we have had the pleasure to work with over +20 of the best companies in travel, including:

Our story

The company that today is Caravelo started life in 2010 as Change Your flight, a project developed by two friends, José Luis and Iñaki, to help people change their tickets. That project exposed the two co-founders to the complexities of airline world, and inspired them to create a company that used IT solutions to solve many of the problems that plagued the industry and its customers.

Caravelo grew fast, quickly gaining a reputation for innovative, reliable solutions and helping more than 20 of the travel industry’s biggest players. In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, the team realized that one of its products was different, and the potential to truly transform the travel industry.

From that moment onwards, Caravelo started its transformation, focusing exclusively on subscriptions and becoming the company we know today.

Our team

Behind caravelo there is a growing team of approximately 50 people from +20 different countries, that are partly based in our Barcelona HQ and partly spread out all over the world, from Chile to Malaysia.

Inside the company, we have built a culture based on curiosity, passion, honesty, dependability and a special sauce that we call S(illy)eriousness.

The result, is an environment that can deliver complex IT solutions but also defend the company against T. rex attacks and find plenty of excuses to celebrate.

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