Unlimited Subscriptions

Increase revenue and load factors with All-You-Can-Travel Subscriptions

What is an All You Can Travel Subscription?

All-You-Can-Travel Subscriptions are a form of trip subscriptions, where users pay a recurring fee to access unlimited trips. While there is no limit to the number of trips, there are strict rules that determine what can be booked.

All-You-Can-Travel Subscriptions are ideal to separate bargain hunters from high-yielding travelers and monetize distressed inventory.

Here’s why they work

Incremental Revenue

Monetize distressed inventory with unlimited travel

All-You-Can-Travel Subscriptions create opportunities for companies to generate revenue from inventory that is at risk of remaining unsold.

This is achieved by offering unlimited travel to value-oriented customers who have the flexibility to accept specific business rules.

Occupancy & Load Factor

Reach new travelers with targeting

With well-designed business rules that only allow purchase of distressed inventory, companies can reach previously unaddressable market segments.

This allows the extraction of new revenue from inventory that would otherwise remain unsold, while also protecting traditional revenue streams.

New Opportunities

Boost ancillaries with unplanned trips

By monetizing distressed inventory, All-You-Can-Travel Subscriptions create new trips that come associated with cross-selling and ancillary revenue opportunities.

These opportunities will be especially valuable for companies that can include only the base version of the product in the subscription.

add-on revenue

Why Caravelo

Succeed with experience & market-proven solutions

Our future competitors may copy what we say, but they won’t be able to copy our experience in marrying the complex world of airlines (and their IT) with subscriptions.

Choosing Caravelo means making a safe bet, and trusting a market-proven solution over home-made or untested copies.

First-mover advantage

With locked-out competitors and a default-retain setup, first-movers have a strong advantage.

Reach out to us now and secure your place in the market.

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