Club Subscriptions

Grow your market share and boost direct sales with Club Subscriptions

What is a Club Subscription?

Clubs Subscriptions, also known as Membership Subscriptions, are a simple form of travel subscription, where users pay a recurring fee to access perks, discounts, or special treatment.

Club Subscriptions are ideal for influencing the choice of travel provider in people who have already decided to travel, resulting in higher market share and more direct bookings.

Here’s why they work

Market Share

Strengthen market position with simple subscriptions

Club subscriptions create a win-win situation that attracts and influences large numbers of travelers. This is made possible by a mix of low recurring fees and valuable travel benefits.

To unlock these benefits, travelers must book with the company they subscribed to, increasing its market share.

Direct Sales

Become the preferred choice with commitment

Club Subscriptions ask users to make a financial commitment in exchange for travel benefits that can only be accessed with direct bookings.

This reduces the importance of search, resulting in more direct sales and lower distribution costs.

Flexible Targeting

Attract the right travelers with targeted clubs

Club Subscriptions can be tailored to reach different audiences by varying their value proposition.

The most common types of Club Subscriptions are Discount Clubs, used to target price-sensitive users, and Ancillary Clubs, that can appeal to different travelers, depending on what is included.

add-on revenue

Why Caravelo

Succeed with experience & market-proven solutions

Our future competitors may copy what we say, but they won’t be able to copy our experience in marrying the complex world of airlines (and their IT) with subscriptions.

Choosing Caravelo means making a safe bet, and trusting a market-proven solution over home-made or untested copies.

First-mover advantage

With locked-out competitors and a default-retain setup, first-movers have a strong advantage.

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