Jazeera Partners With Caravelo and Launches Club Subscription

BARCELONA – Dec 13, 2023 – Jazeera Airways, Kuwait’s leading low-cost carrier, announced today the launch of a Subscription Club called Jazeera Savers, powered by the travel subscription specialist Caravelo. Subscribers will pay an annual recurring fee to access benefits like discounts on flights and ancillaries, as well as preferential treatment. The program also features dedicated membership levels for families that can include up to nine members in a single subscription.

Jazeera Savers is the first subscription product of its kind in the region and has been tailored to meet the needs of local travelers. From a commercial perspective, Jazeera Savers will deliver great value for users through its discounts, while also allowing the airline to reduce its distribution costs with more direct sales and loyal customers.

Caravelo, who specializes in travel subscriptions, and is most well known for its flight subscription solutions, already operates a similar product for Volaris in Mexico and has recently deployed a B2B version of the solution for a major Latin American airline. 

Its CEO, Iñaki Uriz, had this to say about the launch: “The airline industry is waking up to the power of subscription products, and fast-growing, innovative, airlines like Jazeera are leading the way. We are proud to be working with them and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

Jose Luis Vilar, Caravelo’s CPTO stated that from a technical point of view, this subscription club is innovative not just for being the first in the region but also for offering a unique, flexible, multi-beneficiary system that allows families to travel together and share the benefits of a single subscription.

The announcement comes in the wake of a recent series of success stories that came out of Caravelo, including a €3.5M series A funding round from two major Venture Capital firms, and the launch of the First All-You-Can-Fly Subscription in Latin America.

For more information, please contact Marco Serusi, Caravelo Marketing Manager at mas@caravelo.com.


About Caravelo

Caravelo is a travel-tech company that provides subscription solutions to the travel industry. It helps clients increase revenue and market share while also improving crisis resilience, reducing the impact of seasonality and creating a better customer experience. The SaaS company has been providing flight subscriptions solutions and know-how to airlines since 2015 and is currently the only company in the world that can create and manage true flight subscription programs.