Travel Subscriptions

Future-proof your strategy and generate recurring revenue

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Modernize and increase your revenue streams

If you work in travel, you have a choice. You can focus on individual bookings and constantly re-acquire customers, or you can create a healthy mix of individual sales and subscribers that will book automatically every month.

The choice is simple, and it’s why so many industries have integrated subscription models into their sales strategy.

  • Obtain predictable revenue
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Increase bookings

Customer retention becomes default.

Your airline’s unique formula

Flexible subscriptions

Our range of models allow you to choose your business rules, keep your existing SSO and create special offers according to customer criteria.

  • Multiple billing models
  • Hidden price lists
  • Any size, market or carrier
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add-on revenue

Easily predict revenue

Monetize through add-ons

Our plans enable your airline to experiment and grow faster by offering subscribers custom promos, campaigns and a-la-carte ancillaries.

  • Personalized subscriptions
  • Easily modify policies
  • Automatic invoice creation

Revenue integrity

Execute secure payments

We guarantee compliance and account integrity through secure payment gateways, by retrying failed payments and stopping multiple subscription sign-ups.

  • Unique passenger IDs
  • Automatically retry failed payments
  • Payment routing

Payment methods

More reasons to choose Caravelo

Real-time analytics

Make sure you’re getting it right through built-in reporting and behavioral analytics.

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Fast organic growth

Easily build campaigns and promos to attract new subscribers.

Predictable revenue

Forecast cash flow easily during volatile markets and periods.

Reduced churn

Build an ongoing relationship and keep your passengers for longer once they’re subscribed.

Consistent relationships

Build continuity and sell more to passengers through monthly contact.

Low acquisition cost

Sell once for months of loyalty and lower your marketing and advertising expenses.

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