The dynamics of purchasing are changing: Subscriptions enables airlines to change with them.

Consumers are now more attuned to subscription services than ever before. The Caravelo Subscriptions product allows airlines to build a two-way promise with customers, driving greater commitment than through any other model.

By providing personalized subscription products to customers, airlines can deliver a range of solutions designed around network, ancillaries and pricing, cementing upfront loyalty.



  • Drives upfront loyalty
  • Turns travelers into subscribers
  • Delivers recurring payments
  • Aligns customers with your brand
  • Surety in revenue streams


  • Multiple Subscription models based on your product
  • Fully white label micro-site and communications
  • Seamlessly integrated with your PSS and payment systems
  • Configurable based on your requirements
  • Solutions for individuals, families, SMEs, corporate customers

How it Works


Your customers become subscribers when they take out a Subscription to your airline. Options are based on your network, ancillaries and pricing: subscribers then utilize a bespoke booking engine to use their products. 


Subscriptions can deliver your airline extra demand, with zero opportunity cost. Interested to see how it could work for you?