Flight Revenue Optimization

Take control of your inventory post-sale and turn it into profitability

turnkey solution

Optimize your inventory, even after your passengers book

Our platform intelligently profiles your passengers to automate simple email communications. Adding an extra seat, upgrade or flight exchange guarantees your customers an enhanced experience and maximizes the value of each flight.

  • Flight Upgrades
  • Seat Resale
  • Exchange Rewards

Take control of your inventory.

Tactical campaigns at scale

Your airline, your rules

Our smart campaigns make automatic adjustments after launch based on offer completion and forecasted demand.

  • Precise route targeting
  • Multi-campaign engine
  • Dynamic pricing capabilities
Screen showing a page that says create an offer
Four squares showing open rate, click through, offer accepted and offer declined

Segment and personalize

Designed for high conversion

Easily segment passengers and personalize campaigns to ensure highly targeted offers.

  • Relevant passenger promos
  • Triggers to boost conversion
  • Instant user notifications

Mitigate your risk

Prevent revenue dilution

Our unique passenger IDs work alongside our optimization system to profile and allocate the right seats at the right price, but also to prevent undesired usage or payment errors.

  • Smart seat allocation, varied offers
  • Unique passenger IDs
  • Precise rules and filters
Showing analytics

More reasons to choose Caravelo

Increased efficiency

Reduce manual ticket changes and enhance efficiency by using automation.

Inventory optimisation

Minimize spoilage and unused inventory and generate new income streams.

More ways to sell

Increase communication with passengers and tap into revenue through upsell and cross-selling.

Repetition rules

Offer different conditions to returning passengers to avoid bad habit building.

Reduced risk

Stop the risks and dissatisfaction involved in overbooking or denied boarding.

Increased productivity

Built to last so you can add, modify or remove offers when needed.

Let’s talk

Get in touch with our team and find out how you can turn your unused inventory into tangible returns today.

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