Customer Service Automation

Speed up customer resolution and generate revenue

Give your passengers a conversational customer experience 24/7

Our AI-powered bot lets you scale your customer service and bring about faster, enhanced resolutions. By turning conversations into transactions, you can convert any digital touchpoint into a sale.

  • Q&A Chatbots
  • Omnichannel Servicing
  • Conversational Commerce

Drive self-service at scale.

Intuitive and natural language

One of the team

Our platform provides an intuitive and authentic customer experience, which is simple to use across channels and in many languages.

  • Contextual understanding
  • Customized channels
  • Language recognition
Showing a text conversation
Chatbot conversation

Boost impact and reach

Scale your customer service

When more complex cases arise, automatically request passenger details and reroute immediately to an available agent, streamlining the entire process.

  • Intelligent agent handover
  • Agent availability detection
  • Consistent channel experience

Dynamic responses

Keep learning and improving

Our bots use machine learning so they can incorporate new topics, better answers and give your passengers more accurate responses.

  • Contextual feedback
  • Built-in A/B testing
  • Question library
Chatbot different languages
Shows an original ticket and then new ticket offer

Self-servicing and retail

More than a chatbot

Enable self-service and transactional bot capabilities to empower your passengers but also free up agent time.

  • Self check-in, booking confirmation
  • Integrated transactions
  • Personalized offers

More reasons to choose Caravelo

Alarm clock

Faster resolution

Give customers instant answers and up to 6 x faster resolution times.

Call-free support

Keep your passengers happy on any channel, without the need to call.

More places to sell

Drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities throughout the passenger journey.

Free up your team

Automate answers to common questions so your team can focus on more in-depth enquiries.

Higher satisfaction

Boost your NSAT (net satisfaction) score and bring in happier passengers who will buy again.

Reduced CRM queues

Answer passengers’ queries faster, improve your efficiency and streamline workflows.

Let’s talk

Get in touch with our team and find out how you can automate and scale your passenger engagement today.

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