It’s time to pack up!

Non-refundable tickets used to be a real problem for travellers and airlines alike. We launched ChangeYourFlight in order to provide a real solution to this, and indeed we did; delivering happier customers to airlines by issuing +300k vouchers.

The problems facing the travel industry today are different, and ChangeYourFlight can’t provide the needed solutions just right now. That’s why we’ve decided to pack our bags and say farewell.

As of 16/07/2021 at 21:00 (GMT+8) you will no longer be able to ChangeYourFlight with us. If you are a Scoot customer, however, you can visit this link. From here you can consult possible changes to your flight and get support.

Before we pack up, we want to express our gratitude. This journey wasn’t solo, it was piloted together. We piloted it together with Scoot, with Air One and with every single passenger who trusted us to Change their Flight. You helped us prove the excitement and demand for new innovations in travel, thank you!

We hope to see you on board soon,