Exchange Rewards

Stop spilling demand and preempt denied boarding

Seat Resale enables airlines to re-optimize flights post sale, to liberate space for further sales or reduce an overbooking profile



  • Automatic inventory correction on demand peaks
  • Capture more high-yield demand on key flights
  • Unwind tactical pricing
  • Take denied the boarding experience online, before the airport environment
  • No manual inventervention in revalidation or re-issuance
  • Automated targeting based on your business rules


  • Programmatic target and alternative flight Scanning
  • Matrix based passenger profiling engine
  • Proactive and reactive distribution models
  • Dynamic reward system: link incentives to potential re-sale value
  • Different incentive types (vouchers, miles, ancillaries)
  • Web-based management console
  • Real-time reporting


Caravelo seamlessly integrates with your systems (PSS, forecasting tool, CRM, revenue accounting) and executes all necessary interactions. Airline IT efforts are limited to a strict minimum and you can expect full integration within weeks. Once implemented, Caravelo works for you in continuous development to maximize performance.


Seat Resale can be used to liberate inventory from low fare customers to capture higher demand traffic. By automatically targeting suitable flights and relevant passengers to offer to swap or cancel for a reward, the customer proposition is improved alongside increased revenue opportunity.


Seat Resale will help you retake control of your inventory post sale. Let's see how it can benefit your airline.