Refund Management

Organize, automate, and synchronize your processes for standard refund scenarios

Refund Management provides an efficient and timely way of managing refunds and your interactions with customers.



  • Robust process control and no omissions
  • Reduced passenger complaints
  • Easy introduction of new refund policies
  • Coherent passenger experience
  • Fully integrated with existing systems
  • Case tracking and department insights


  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Predefined Refund Calculation Parameters
  • Multiple Refund Forms
  • Business Intelligence Module
  • Internal Communication System
  • Incorporated Reporting


You define the process, Caravelo automates, scales, improves and replicates. All process actions are reflected in all relevant systems involved which enables case tracking, coordination with call center, etc. Airline IT efforts are limited to a strict minimum and you can expect full integration within weeks. Once implemented, Caravelo works for you in continuous development to maximize performance.


Refund Management provides efficiency and convenience when handling your interactions with customers and refunds. You can define refund policies and rules and deploy them network-wide, gaining you management and insight into your data. Staff can optimize their time and maintain control while providing a coherent passenger experience.


Refund Management will give you more control and save resources instantly. How could it be implemented for your company?