Extra Seat

Convert unsold economy inventory into a customer proposition

Extra Seat lets you capture revenue from unsold seats while offering passengers extra comfort.



  • Monetize distressed economy inventory
  • Zero yield dilution and no opportunity cost
  • 100% automated delivery and no manual intervention required
  • No operational constraints
  • Web-based management console


  • Matrix based flight targeting and pricing engine
  • Passenger profiling
  • Multi-channel communication platform
  • Fully PCI compliant payment system: zero risk of fraud
  • Real-time reporting
  • Web-based management console: live changes


Extra Seats are effectively assigned and tracked by our systems to ensure flawless service delivery while removing the need for intervention by your teams. Airline IT efforts are limited to a strict minimum and you can expect full integration within weeks. Once implemented Caravelo works for you in continous development to maximize performance.


Your passengers love to have empty seats next to them yet they often get those seats for free. Why not capture existing demand for more comfort and make sure your unsold seats always generate incremental revenue? Extra Seat automatically targets specific flights and allows selected passengers to request an empty adjacent seat on a standby-basis. Requests are fulfilled close to departure based on remaining seat availability for optimal value creation.


Extra Seat will help your airline generate revenue from unsold inventory. How could it be implemented for your company?