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If bots made resolutions…

Every year around this time we humans make declarations of self improvement for the 12 months ahead. Most of the time these resolutions are forgotten about by Easter. But what would bots make as resolutions, and how would they stick to them across the year?

We sat down with five of our chatbots and their trainers to understand what they are promising their customers for 2019.

Not all of our intelligence is artificial: meet the Caravelo trainers

In 2018 chatbots have become commonplace. Their ubiquity underlines just how easy it is for automated agents to enable greater customer service and retailing. The AI behind bots is open to everyone and the difference that exists between good bots and not so good bots is not the machine learning, but the thought models and training that are behind it.

Here at Caravelo we have a great team of bot trainers whose job it is to take the ambition of our customers and bring it to life in conversation form.

It’s not about Chatbot vs. Live Chat: successful customer service blends the two

We read a paper recently that claimed that the new frontier of customer service will be delivered by chatbots replacing the concept of live chat.

We disagree. As chatbot builders, having successfully launched 6 bots to the industry, we know that a bot only approach to customer service is doomed to fail. We know too that companies that utilize bot technology as a compliment to its service agents create a strong interlined team of digital and human.