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Things change at 30

Like many small businesses that have moved from start up through to real enterprise, we have experienced the realization that what we knew to be true as a small team doesn’t always remain as you grow.

We’ve talked before about how critical hiring is to ensuring growth happens in the right way, but in the last 6 months, with Caravelo growing to over 30 team members, as a leadership team we have had to recognize quickly that nothing will be the same again. Whilst its exciting welcoming new faces (Iina, Bruno, Marion, Ana and David - welcome!) to the Caravelo team it's been daunting too.  

These are some of the key realizations we are making and how are trying to ensure that we adjust as we grow.

Avoiding growing pains: getting hiring right as a startup

Hiring is hard. At Caravelo, we are growing fast and our hiring ethos is evolving just as quickly. Part of that is ensuring that as the demands on our existing team increase we don't become overburdened by the process, or worse, make mistakes that will impact us negatively in the near future.

So if you are a startup looking to ratchet up your workforce, whatever they might be doing, here are our principals and how they apply to us, for growing without pain.

Final impressions count

How mutual recommendations work in the talent business

Recently, a member of our core-team left our business.

We were sad to see him go, but, he left for bigger things having developed his own skills with us to a point where he could go on and make even more of difference. We wished him well.

One of the last conversations we had was around recommendations. He asked us for a statement on his work, attitude and the contribution he had made and we were happy to do so: a factual, positive letter on his time with us. We made it with one condition.

Can you predict the company future?

Our dearest friend Wikipedia describes a time capsule as a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologistsanthropologists or historians. So, following this definition, a time capsule is usually opened in order to discover how our ancestors lived in the past.

But there is another conception of the time machine, used to predict the future instead of analyzing the past. Maybe you have heard about a group of French artists who were capable of predicting the future 100 years ago. In the year 1900 a group of postcards were designed illustrating how the future would be. Some of the results were pretty accurate. Check it!

At Caravelo, we have been inspired by the magic of time capsules and we have thought of transforming this tradition into a team building activity based on the prediction of the company’s future.