How Swoop uses automation to handle 80% of customer queries

Customer engagement made easy
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The challenge

Positioning Swoop to have Canadian aviation’s leading approach to digital self-service

Canadian aviation is changing and Swoop is at the heart of it. With a mission to liberate Canadians from high fares, Swoop has done things differently from day one.

Focusing on a digital strategy was a cornerstone of the initial Swoop business plan; leveraging technology to enable a great experience at scale while letting human capital deal with the truly complex. Customer service was a large part of this. Operating in a highly regulated, competitive and often challenging environment, Swoop needed a solution for customer service that enabled scale, consistency and immediacy. As a brand new airline with no legacy or the ability to offer uninterrupted, seamless customer support, Swoop required technology to serve their travellers in an innovative way. This was supported through AI-driven bots that fully connected to the airlines’ host systems.

Bringing Donna to life

How Caravelo rose to the challenge

The Caravelo team immediately identified a number of core considerations for the chatbot:

  • The infrequency of flights experienced by the average Swoop customer
  • Swoop’s mandate to make flying achievable through low fares
  • Many customers aren’t just new to Swoop, they are new to the flying experience
  • The dominance of Facebook Messenger as a chat tool in Canada
  • The fast-paced growth of digital platforms in Canada
  • The national operation of Swoop

About Swoop

Swoop is an ultra low-cost carrier servicing the North American market. As a subsidiary of one of Canada's largest airlines (Westjet), Swoop makes air travel simple, affordable and accessible for every traveller.