How AXA uses an automated agent to engage millions of customers

Lifestyle coverage at your fingertips
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The challenge

AXA challenged Caravelo to build the insurance industry’s most dynamic and useful chatbot

The world of financial protection continues to be increasingly demanding with millions of customers needing assistance to submit claims and secure certificates. AXA Partners, a leading lifestyle protection provider, challenged us to build a chatbot that would provide an efficient, yet personalized experience for its members with the aim of both reducing pressure on its call centre and improving the response time for its members.

Caravelo identified three main challenges:

Transparent communication

AXA maintains confidence with their consumers by offering in-depth lifestyle coverage and support in case of any travel-related issues. Comprehensive policies aren't always the easiest to read and understand.

Uninterrupted support

Users needs shouldn´t be confined to call center opening hours, nor can we expect human agents to be able to effectively handle multiple interactions.

Reaching a wider audience

Digital touchpoints are becoming the preferred medium of communication for a new generations of users. Being where customers are ensures a frictionless experience for all.

About AXA Partners

AXA Partners is AXA's global entity dedicated to co-building and distributing with partners simple, customer-centric and innovative solutions that combine insurance, assistance and other value-added services. As an integral part of the Group Innovation unit, AXA Partners also plays a key role in the deployment of disruptive solutions emerging from this innovation ecosystem. The combination of both missions positions AXA Partners today as a key pillar of AXA's Payer-to-Partner strategy.