Keeping healthy and staying sane on the road

This May, due to customer meetings, fact finding missions and speaking at conferences, the Caravelo leadership team will cover over 250k kilometers in one month. That's a lot of time away from home and a lot of time in strange hotels and airplanes.

Individually, each of the Caravelo leadership team averages over 300k kilometers a year so bum in seat mileage is not something new. But this May is an outlier, with many conferences and customer visits converging into one weirdly busy month. So how do JoseLuis, Jonathan and I stay sane covering so much of the globe? We all have our own tricks for keeping our traveling life healthy and so we thought we’d share some of our favorite hacks, tips and apps for making sure that come June we aren’t all burning our passports.

Keep organized

Keeping track of flights and hotels that are booked when you’ll take 24 flights and spend 20 nights in hotels across a month isn’t easy, but it's vital. App In The Air is a favorite: aside from the helpful notifications, the leader-board positioning and your own travel history map help give a bit of context.

Keep fit

This is the hardest. Getting off of a 12hr flight to Singapore and going straight into a 16km jet-lag busting run is not for everyone, but making the time to free your body from the shackles of economy seats to keep supple and get some vitamin D, even if its a stroll around a park can make a big difference to physical and mental well-being.


Strava is great for finding running routes and even meeting like-minded runner road warriors.

Connect with your airline

On top of App in the Air, being connected directly with the airline generally provides for immediate access to what's important, when you need it. These are some of the apps we’ll be using heavily in the coming month United, Vueling, British Airways, and of course the chatbots of Finnair, Volaris and Scoot. All are available via the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

Share a lift

We’ve all been there: standing at a hotel entrance waiting for a taxi or an Uber or Lyft or Cabify with other similarly destined people. Sharing a ride can be a great way to engage with new people and maybe learn something new (as well as saving some dollars and some Co2).

Pack light

Before packing anything, stop and think, ‘do I really need this?’, ‘can I beg/borrow/buy it if I really need it down route?’ Keeping the stuff you need down to a minimum (or what can be packed into an Away suitcase) becomes a fine art.

Bleisure up

Bleisure, the art of mixing Business and Leisure travel is now ingrained in our travel psyche. Tagging on a weekend or one or two days of vacation to visit an otherwise un-explored city or region can turn endless work travel into trips that you can really look forward to. Going to Taipei? Head down to Taroko Gorge. Got a conference in Dublin that finishes on a Friday? Make it a weekend trip. We usually use GetYourGuide to find things to make the best use of our bleisure time.

get your guide dublin.PNG

Stay connected

You only get hit with an unexpected data roaming bill once! Keeping connected is as vital as oxygen: but it can be a lot more expensive! Fiddling with sim cards upon every arrival and keeping on top of different accounts is hard. We’ve become big fans of Skyroam which provides pretty seamless WiFi connection globally for about 10USD per day which is a pretty great deal considering it can support up to 5 devices at the same time.

Subscribe to what matters

Gaining and keeping elite status on airlines is most often cost-prohibitive, especially when traveling without a real ‘pattern’. What we’ve found is Priority Pass is a great alternative for lounge access (even sweeter now they are launching subscriptions to fast-track security in certain airports). If we were based out of Mexico City we’d for sure be subscribers to V.Pass with Volaris, too.

vpass mobile-wc.png

Zone out / zone in

Knowing when to put on the noise cancelling headphones and when to leave them off is something we are now realizing make a big difference to the travel experience. All too often it's too easy just to zone out all the time under big headphones when at times, even on a new subway train or in a hotel lobby there is a world of aural experience which is new and exciting.

See you on the road this May

We will be part of the conversation at various events and conferences in the coming month. We hope to see you at one: let's connect.

So how about you? What are your hacks and tips to helping keep healthy and stay sane on the road? What do you do differently that could help us stave off jet-lag or beat the homesickness blues?

Wishing you safe and sane travels this May.


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