If bots made resolutions…

2019 jan bot resolutions linkedin.png

Every year around this time we humans make declarations of self improvement for the 12 months ahead. Most of the time these resolutions are forgotten about by Easter. But what would bots make as resolutions, and how would they stick to them across the year?

We sat down with five of our chatbots and their trainers to understand what they are promising their customers for 2019.


Speaking Finnish is my big resolution for 2019. I started learning in 2018 and i’ve only got a few more lessons to go! I’ll also be making much more of my post-sale ancillaries - and with the work I’ve done in collaboration with IATA and NDC, I’ll be able to add much more than bags, wifi and insurance, too.


2018 for me was all about being in front of Tigerair customers, connecting with them and guiding them on their journeys. I took the big step of living on the homepage of our website, too! In 2019, my aim is to turn the idea of enhanced user experience into reality. Watch this space.


Being one of the newest bots in the airline world, I grew up pretty quickly in 2018! I was the first bot to be used as a call to action in social media marketing and in 2019 I’ll be doing more of that, being the go-to channel for all things Scoot. I’ll also be using my powers of retargeting to keep customers engaged!


In 2018 I became the leading customer service agent for Volaris. I managed to do that by being really knowledgeable about all things Volaris, but now customers can reach me from the IVR! Over the coming 12 months I’ll be turning my attention to becoming a real marketing tool, fully aligned with social media and across all channels.

edo lisa fb qr code.PNG

I went live in 3 languages on 4 different brands in 2018. In 2019, I’ll soon be speaking Italian, French and I won’t be stopping there. I’ll also go from being a source of information to being a source of inspiration, too. Helping customers out when things go wrong is a big part of my existence: i can already help customers cancel a ticket, but soon I’ll be the one informing customers of schedule changes and helping them through disruption.

If you’d like to understand how automated agents, powered by AI and human understanding, can help your travel brand in 2019, we’d be happy to hear from you.