RCS: the first relevant airline use-cases (Part 2)

Orchestrating communications

For businesses, the advent of RCS marks yet another shift towards messaging-oriented customer interactions, and adds another channel into the evolving messaging ecosystem (alongside SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WeChat and so on). As customers increase adoption and usage of these diverse channels, and the number of channels rises, the ability to orchestrate and automate customer interactions and journeys becomes a business imperative. This, of course, is where Caravelo’s NINA platform comes into its own. We will help you reach your customers in their preferred channels, no matter the social network no matter mobile operating system.

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Google at the forefront – and so is Caravelo

Google is playing a key role in the RCS initiative, which should help accelerate adoption and launch of the new messaging platform. Google’s Android Messages client supports RCS messaging (alongside SMS and MMS) and it is partnering with 27 operators and device manufacturers to upgrade the native messaging experience with RCS.

Our participation in the Early Access Program means we can start driving awareness of RCS for A2P usage, test different use cases for travel companies, and influence the development roadmap. We will also have access to resources on, for example, conversation design, and to the Google network of supported operators alongside our existing relationships with other chat platforms and software providers.

This is great news for our own clients who want to be early to market with this new messaging channel, as we’re ideally positioned to help travel companies take advantage of the technology.

If you’re interested in seeing how RCS could potentially benefit your business, contact us to find out more – and be part of one of the most significant launches in telecoms this decade.