Donna answers 80% of Swoop enquiries


Swoop CEO, Steven Greenway, spoke about the growing need to engage mobile-first travel customers with multi-channel platforms at this week's CAPA Aviation Summit in Winnipeg, Canada. The Swoop President stated:

"You have to focus on the digital experience, mobile first more than anything else, it's about the creation of the app with a standard basic website, we're forcing people to change their behaviour to get the price point they desire and we want to push services".

On July 24, Swoop launched a Caravelo powered virtual assistant named Donna. Donna, the customer-oriented assistant, is the latest initiative as part of Swoop’s commitment to serve customers enquiries efficiently and effectively. Since then,the chatbot has been successfully handling 80% of Swoop customer enquiries, according to the airline CEO.

swoop-map-bot-opt 2.png

Donna offers passengers quick and easy service by answering frequently asked questions. Chat with Donna today!

About Swoop

Swoop is a leading ultra-low-cos airline in Canada, operating as part of the WestJet Group of companies. Established in 2018, the airline offers point-to-point service to 19 destinations in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit the Flyswoop website.

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