Wearable culture

Start-up T-Shirts are mostly cheap billboards: a splashy logo on a low quality cotton shirt worn over and over again by proud founders until they fray from too many conferences and sales pitches. We know, we’ve worn them too :)

wearable culture pic 1.jpg
Wearing our pride on our sleeves

For our annual summer day we decided on a refresh: we wanted all of our teammates to proudly sport the Caravelo logo, but we wanted it to mean more than just displaying our name in bold font.

But what to send to the printers? We didn’t know, so we asked the people who’d be wearing them.

These were some of the suggestions:

wearable culture pic 2.jpg
  • Remove before flight: because some of us like to fly half-naked
  • Airplane mode: the industry we know and love, the mode that keeps us focused with zero distractions
  • Prepare for impact: because we are making a real impact in the industry
  • Code. Disrupt. Repeat: what our team does day-in, day-out
  • Adopt the brace position: because building travel tech is an exciting ride

Flight Mode: on

The team thought the Airplane Mode captured our pride and respect for the industry we are in and the focus we need to keep, every day, to keep delivering cool tech for our customers.

However, the design committee change it to Flight Mode for styling purposes. 😉

What we know now is that culture can be worn and its the wearers that define that culture.
wearable culture pic 3.jpg
If you’d like a Caravelo Flight Mode T-shirt, tell us why here and if we like it, we’ll send you one.