This is a love letter for you.

I've been looking for you. You’re so hard to find you because you prefer to make things with a computer instead of look for a new job and career opportunity.

I know, I do too. But forget about me this post is actually about you.

Why bother reading this? Why did I write it?

I'll personally invite you for a beer. How? Only the worthy will find out.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

  1. Keep reading if you think you are (or you will be) one of the best developers you know, you love creating new things & you enjoy coding.
  2. Stop reading if you just want a "job", if working in a fun team culture doesn't matter to you or if you hate sunny Barcelona.


Want to know the secret about great developers?

The BEST developers are already employed and actually like their jobs.

Want to know what makes you are GREAT developer?

  • You speak code
  • You wrote tons of code in more than one programming paradigm (i.e. OO, Functional, etc)
  • You created, or contributed to the creation of, systems that solve real world problems
  • You prefer coding rather than talking about how to write code "right"
  • You are open minded and a problem solver
  • You learnt at least one language the hard way
  • You simply write from good to outstanding code


Feeling identified? Great!  Think of this as our standard, we are looking for the new generation of pragmatic developers and you might be a great fit for us.

Here's the deal: Caravelo -Technology and Software Solutions for airlines- is growing and is looking for 2 more developers to join the initial core team.

So why would you be interested in checking out Caravelo?

  1. "Generic answer that all companies say" (no need to repeat it again)
  2. You'll have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow
  3. It's pretty fun to work on something that impacts the travel experience of 50,000+ passengers a month (worldwide)
  4. We pay reasonable-market salaries, but if you're just looking for a "job", then we're really not the right place for you

Since text is boring I thought I'd add a few GIFs to convince you to talk to me :)




This is how I feel when I spend all the day looking for talented developers like you.




Now I'm kinda happy because you are still reading this post so you might be the right person.

When you do average things, you get average people. We like hiring great people in a fun way.

Go and check our :beer: #BeerCruit meetups and let me invite you for a Beer.


From yours truly


PS: Thanks Noah for your constant advice and inspiration.