On behalf of everyone at Caravelo, thank you for trusting us to serve your business

What a remarkable year. We began 2015 as ChangeYourFlight, focused on providing airlines with some of the world’s most innovative technology solutions. Today, we are still investing in and delivering upon our offering and forging new territory as Caravelo, the next leader in ancillary sales and technology solutions for airlines.

Our commitment to serving you, your passengers and your business is unchanged. Serving you and your passengers remains our north star. We will never waver from that foundation.


The world's most customisable travel platform

What makes Caravelo absolutely unique in the industry is the expertise, innovation and continuous improvements that are consistently integrated and leveraged to deliver the best products and solutions for your airline.

We diligently evaluate each and every customer request to ensure our services are aligning with the needs of your business, market and passenger behaviour. In 2015, Caravelo developed additional features for revenue optimisation, business rules management and process automation. We also launched a complete Refund Management Platform — and made it part of our standard Caravelo offering.

And, of course, we strengthened the expertise, experience and scale with Hahn Air's strategic partnership.


Building Software Products to serve your business

We’ve strongly invested in building one of the world’s most flexible travel-commerce platforms. This year, we saw how these objectives directly influenced how we’re able to better serve your business.

  • New features released in less than 2 weeks
  • Launch of a rule administration and analytical console to drive your products
  • Delivered continuous growth, from service delivery (e.g. conversion rate) to revenue results

These are strong indicators of success, but represent only the beginning of where we’re going.


Here's to 2016

We’re confident 2016 will be a success. We look forward to bringing you industry-leading Caravelo offering while not sacrificing the service quality and delivery you expect from a custom development.

We are always listening. We are always innovating. Your satisfaction is paramount to our collective success.


Once again, thank you for placing your trust in Caravelo. We appreciate your business. We are invested not only in your satisfaction, but your success — for 2016 and beyond.


Happy Holidays,

Iñaki Uriz

co-Founder & CEO