Donna answers 80% of Swoop enquiries

The challenge

As Canadian aviation changes, we see Swoop at the heart of it. Doing things differently from day one, their mission was to liberate Canadians from high air fares and make Swoop the leading solution for digital self-service.

With a focus on digital innovation, Swoop leveraged Caravelo technology to scale their customer service with automation, leaving space for real humans to deal with the truly complex issues. Operating in a highly regulated, competitive and challenging environment, Swoop needed a solution. The three things that were important to them were scale, consistency and immediacy.

Being a brand new airline, Swoop didn’t have the existing ability to offer uninterrupted, seamless customer support. This led them to think about how to serve their travellers in an innovative way. We did this through AI-driven bots that fully connected to the airlines’ host systems.

Swoop map

Bringing Donna to life

Rising to the challenge, The Caravelo team immediately identified a number of core considerations when building out the chatbot, named Donna:

  • The infrequency of flights for the average Swoop customer
  • Swoop’s mandate to make flying possible through low fares
  • Customers who aren’t just new to Swoop, but also to the entire flying experience
  • The dominance of Facebook Messenger as a chat tool in Canada
  • The fast-paced growth of digital platforms in Canada.

These considerations organized the initial project, then informed a phased development plan with four components. Through constant testing and evaluation, project Donna did not stay the same for long and we continued to update and improve it.

How Donna was built

Collaboratively created content

The Caravelo team worked in tandem with Swoop’s product team. We both reviewed relevant resources and FAQ content turning existing matter-of-fact documents into conversational and digestible content. This collaborative approach ensured a quick turnaround and relieved pressure on the Swoop team. In essence, Donna now gives her responses in the Swoop brand’s unique tone.

Qualified handover to human agents

When Donna doesn’t know the answer or she perceives that a human agent would be better suited to answer, she kicks the question over to them with a seamless integration. What was critical for Swoop, with limited agents available, was to ensure that the handover to team members was qualified. This is something Donna really couldn’t help with. By using the Caravelo qualified handover module, Swoop agents can deal with prioritized cases and ensure users are promptly served.

Building the customer experience

Building chatbots is never a copy and paste exercise. Every airline and passenger has different needs. So we solve this at Caravelo by our customer experience team scoping the right flow and mix of functions to suit the airline’s user groups.

With a new airline that is continuing to grow, the focus was to ensure that Swoop keeps up-to-date with what matters to their guests. Continuing to add relevant content that is meaningful to new Canadian travellers requires Caravelo bot trainers to build new responses on a daily basis.

How is Donna doing?

Donna instantly became the number one support agent at Swoop.

  • Donna serves over 6,000 unique users per month
  • Donna answers over 80% of customer inquiries
  • 97% of conversations are understood
  • The average session time was reduced from up to 2 hours on hold, to 3 minutes for resolution

About Swoop

Swoop is a leading ultra-low-cos airline in Canada, operating as part of the WestJet Group of companies. Established in 2018, the airline offers point-to-point service to 19 destinations in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. FlySwoop offers passengers a quick and easy service by answering frequently asked questions. Chat with Fly Swoop today! For more information, please visit the Flyswoop website.

If you’re ready to see how our customer service automation could help your airline, contact us to talk and find out more.