Seat Resale

Extend Capacity and Sell Beyond Your Limits

Seat Resale liberates seats on full flights to allow additional last-minute sales.



  • Automatic inventory correction on demand peaks
  • Added high-yield inventory on key flights
  • Increased passenger loyalty
  • Tap into unserved last-minute demand
  • Reallocated demand and balanced load factor
  • Easy to manage automated solution
  • Dedicated team of professionals


  • Advanced Flight Scanning
  • Passenger Profiling Engine
  • Multiple Distribution Models
  • Dynamic or Fixed Reward System
  • Different Incentive Schemes (vouchers, miles etc.)
  • Modular Set-up
  • Specialized Reporting


Caravelo seamlessly integrates with your systems (Reservation, Revenue Management, CRM, etc.) and executes all necessary interactions. Airline IT efforts are limited to a strict minimum and you can expect full integration within weeks. Once implemented, Caravelo works for you in continuous development to maximize performance.


Some flights sell too well and close prematurely, yet some passengers are willing to take an alternate flight. Why not offer an incentive to swap to an unfilled flight and ensure your seats generate maximum revenue? Seat Resale automatically targets suitable flights and relevant passengers to offer to swap or cancel for a reward, thus freeing up key inventory for valuable resale.


Seat Resale will help you sell beyond your capacity limits. How could it be implemented for your company?