Job Description

Are you ready to help us scale our platform?

With a constantly evolving platform functionalities and client base, our priority is to keep it all smooth and sustainable. This role suits a flexible engineer, eager to ease the day-to-day development accidental complexities while boosting productivity. This person will drive our current scenario to an immutable infrastructure in a seamless way.

You would be working closely with our CTO and CIO, cross-checking your work with the team while meeting deadlines.

In addition to the inevitable production firefight, you’ll try out new technologies, eventually introduce them to solve complex problems and incrementally shape our entire technology structure.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Support our current Infrastructure.
  • Design and implement a continuous build and deployment delivery mechanisms.
  • Leverage on innovative programmatic solutions and automations.
  • Make our Developers life easier :)
  • Research technologies, tools and services.
  • Help maintain and expand our kaizen spirit.

We expect to see

  • Ability to code (v.g. shell scripts).
  • Experience with Unix systems and IT operations.
  • Knowledge of the AWS cloud environment.
  • Strong grasp of automation tools.
  • Performance tuning and Load balancing.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Strong focus on business outcomes.

We'd like to see

(but not required)

  • IT Security and PCI Compliance knowledge.
  • Experience in our stack (Java, Groovy, Jersey, HK2, etc).
  • Integrating 3rd party applications, services and components.

To Apply

  • Hold an European working permit.
  • Answer 10 quick questions.
  • Be ready to arrange a 45min call & hangout with the team.

Can you introduce yourself by answering 10 quick questions?